This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Ray of Light

18 09 2016




















This is a very unexpected princess-y look for Rachel and it’s lovely, especially the dramatic sleeves.
















Michelle is leaving her Downton days behind her and dressing very 2016.
















There’s something very 70’s Cher chic about this gown and I’m feeling it.

















Sometimes when I hang up a towel, it slides off the rack a little unevenly and I’m all “I’ll fix it next time” – that’s what this dress reminds me off.
















Loving the dress, terrified of the makeup.

2017 Miss America Red Carpet at Boardwalk Hall















I like the sleek lines of this dress but the rope-like ties on the heels are too much.
















First of all, celebrating curly hair on the red carpet!  Second, loving the simplicity of this lace & floral dress.
















The slouchy top is so relaxed Malibu chic and I like the wide leg pants.

New York Special Luncheon in Celebration of  Universal Pictures & Working Title Films 'Bridget Jones's Baby'
















Renee’s classic 50’s gowns are great but she needs to tone down the poses.
















Everything about this look is flawless – from the hair and makeup which is just enough to the gown with just enough sparkle.  Nude heels give her some added height too.




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