This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Rock It

2 10 2016

Premiere Of Relativity Media's "Masterminds" - Arrivals


















I am all about Kristen’s red carpet weirdness.  Is it bizarre to have a giant parrot embroidered on your dress with a checkerboard pattern?  Yes.  Is it amazing?  Kind of.















I’d be feeling pretty cute too in this all red halter dress that looks super aloha.
















This tough leather jacket looks like it doesn’t want to beat you up, it just wants to cuddle with you.

















Kate goes for a bold red that looks amazing.  Honestly, it’s tough not to hate this girl.

Premiere Of HBO's "Westworld" - Arrivals















Thandie’s vibe is “yeah, I know my dress is out of control, what’re you gonna do about it?”
















There’s nothing hotter than a red, white & black combo.  I’m nuts over this high slit and loving the chest flounces – more comfortable than a push up bra!





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