This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Night Moves

13 11 2016
















Zoe’s unexpected platinum hair only adds the drama of her sheer gothic gown.
















Nicole bares a bit in a gown that’s has an update deco vibe.
















Michelle ‘s gown balances having a lot going on with minimal fuss.

2016 Hollywood Film Awards


















Gowns like this have a timelessness – they could have been worn in the 30’s just as much as the 80’s.















This is so much dress that you can’t actually see that parts of the skirt are sheer.  I like Jessica’s soft hair but she seems overwhelmed by this gown.
















I like the sparkle and peplum in this navy dress.















Elsa’s loose hair adds even more sexiness to this sheer dress.
















Head to toe, this is a gorgeous glam look.

20th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Arrivals



















Always yes to florals.

Amy Adams and husband Darren Le Gallo at ARRIVAL Premiere in LA


















Amy’s new movie is about aliens arriving on earth.  This dress could be something they wear.


















I find it very tough to take women seriously when they’re basically decked out in lingerie but I still love the design of Aja’s gown.


















There is nothing as cheerful as some fun florals.





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