Emmys 17: Ladies of the Lights

17 09 2017


















Sarah committed to silver, bigtime.



















L.A. must still be having a heat wave because Regina chose a dress that was fully ventilated.


















Priyanka’s dress is unexpected and fun.


















Not sure that I’m feeling all the layers but I do like Jess’s glam hair.



Emmys 17: The Dark Nights

17 09 2017



















Mandy’s tiered confection is structural yet girly.



















The cherry blossoms add a touch of whimsy to this sheer gown.


















There’s something a little 80’s about Michelle’s whole look.



















Someone made a detour at Emerald City.


















If the Queen wants to rock a jumpsuit, she can.

Emmys 17: The Jewel Box

17 09 2017



















This is Nicole at her best – a wonderful color, a simple but standout design.


















Usually, Reese goes for pretty and girly but this is a #boss look.



















Zoe’s dramatic ombre is a standout, even though I do think about all the Fraggles that gave their lives for it.


















And why don’t we see this color more because it’s a gorgeous warm orange.



















This metallic rainbow is fantastic.





















Jane always brings it and this hot pink means business.



















I’m a fan of Issa’s show and now I’m a fan of her red carpet glam too.


















Anna’s violet gown is lovely.

Oscars ’17: Standing Out

27 02 2017

















Who doesn’t love fringe benefits.  This fun gown definitely deserves recognition.
















Olivia looks great in red, although this design is a bit of a snoozer.
















Michelle is leaving her Downton days far behind in sassy dresses like these.
















The color alone would have turned heads but I especially like the unexpected triangle.

Oscars ’17: My Blue Heaven

27 02 2017
















Twirl it girl!  This soft blue is classic and pretty.
















Jess looks like she just slipped on a robe.
















Daaaammmmmnnnn!  This isn’t so much a dress as a sexy dream of a dress.
















An unexpected color.

Oscars ’17: Blackish

27 02 2017

















I like a sweet bow as much as the next girl but the rest of this dress is kind of bland.

















This is a sassy look for the normally more traditional Freida.


















It’s been a long time since we’ve seen J&J.  And now we’re seeing lots of Jen, in this slitted, deep V’d see through gown.

















I like this combo of old Hollywood glam hair and makeup with a very revealing gown.
















It take a certain kind of girl to show up in boy shorts on the red carpet.  All that shoulder frou frou doesn’t hide much.
















Love that Reese is pulling the “I’m going to rock a mini” look.  Her new hair choices have been amazing lately too.


















That cape is an unusual choice over this sheer goth glam.

















Platinum hair, orange lips and a sexy gown.  Zoe checks off all the boxes that make her a standout.

















I like the flirty sleeves.
















Showing skin in an unexpected area?  Sexy move.


Oscars ’17: Get Naked

27 02 2017


















Not loving this matronly mother of the bride look for Kerry.

















Lots of drama in this nude number and I like Kate’s high hair.
















Hailee’s coloring is great with this sparkling skin tone.