This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Metalheads

26 11 2017
















Some version of this gown has been on every red carpet since 2010.
















An odd little ensemble but I kind of like it.
















A mini + train = fantastic.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: All I Want for Christmas…

26 11 2017


















Julianne is giving the gift of fashion.

















This mini is cheery and adorable.



This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: All The News Fit to Print

26 11 2017


















I like a bold mix of prints.

















This dress has a contemporary art vibe.

















This mini looks sweet but its lack of length and sheer lacing add a risque element.















More yellow please!

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Light up the Dark

19 11 2017















Not sure that this is the most flattering style but I do like the shoulder drama.
















Red carpet lingerie.

















A little unexpected avante garde artistry.
















I’m liking the edginess paired with dainty dresses that Dior’s doing.
















When you’re not sure the chair’s going to be comfortable enough and you carry your own pillow.















I love a full long top paired with leggings.
















Shirred and sheer and glam.


















Great nude/black mix with lots of sequins.



















Sometimes you’re just not sure if you want to commit to sleeves.



















A lot of fabric yet still a lot of skin.



















Lacy baby bump coverage.



















When you finally find a second use for that beach coverup.



















Damn, Dame!  Killing it in sexy leather.


















It’s like this dress started out as one idea and ended up another.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Rays of Light

19 11 2017
















Gift-wrapped and ready for the holidays.
















Golden armor for this red carpet gladiator.
















Angelic wings for Jennifer.
















Nicole looks like a otherworldy, chic mermaid.
















Mary J is all wrapped up in this super cool gown.
















Sweet and chic.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Seasonal Red

19 11 2017















I love a sheer overlay and this look has a cool girl edge.

















Hello glam!  I’m all about this deep red velvet old Hollywood glam.















Amazing color on Diane with lovely girly details.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Print Fair

19 11 2017





















Spring feels just as fall is slipping into winter.















I guess it’s never winter in L.A.

















Liking this simple but original design.  Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.




















Such a ladylike look.