This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Red Hot

29 09 2018




















Rosie’s feathery mini is charmingly chic.

















So much gown, so little time.




















Loving this fall floral.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Black & White

29 04 2018


















A deep V and a bow give this a feminine menswear vibe.

















A fun bouquet of florals.

















Rachel is a bold new mama in sheer florals perfect for spring.
















But what are the giant buttons for?

















Frou frou florals.











I love the drama!


















A little pop art in what looks like the world’s most comfortable gown.


















I like Claire’s chop and the side sash adds flair.

















Such a lovely ladylike dress.

Oscars ’18: Bright Red

5 03 2018




















The drama!
















Putting the red in redhead.
















A fun skirt.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Full Length Drama

3 03 2018
















Tessa’s dress looks like a lot of shimmying fun.

















Salma’s got a tough/chic balance going on.
















Don’t be scared Rooney, your lace/pants combo looks fantastic.

















Kerry brings an impressionistic springtime vibe.
















Wrap it up, Gugu.



















Elizabeth’s gown has a pixel-y look.

















Show off those pleats, Allison.

SAG Awards ’18: Feathers & Fringe

21 01 2018


















Mary J. is ready to take flight in this dramatic gown.
















Maybe Margot got a little too into figure skating costumes?

















Yes, there is such a thing as too much fringe.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Sexy in Black

20 01 2018

















Zoe’s mini is basically a stretched out velvet bodysuit.
















Yes, Kerry looks dramatic but have you seen that edgy bracelet?
















There is no moment in time when Helen isn’t the biggest bad ass out there.


















Halle decides to go for the bare in the most unexpected locale.  I’m surprised this pic isn’t censored.















Everything about this look is perfection.
















Gal’s delicate gown looks like a lace spider’s web.

















If you’re wearing head to toe leather, you should be hosting a comedy special (respect to Eddie Murphy).  But this look is fresh.

Golden Globes ’18: Armed & Dangerous

7 01 2018
















Mary J’s gown is both velvety soft and armored.
















This is a very classic look but Shailene’s ombre overload is driving me nuts.

















There’s a futuristic edge to this gown that I like.

















The shoulders are a bit much but the design is dramatic.
















The floating fabric paired with the silver chain is a cool tough chic look.















From the back, Dakota’s look is just as complete as the front.
































I’m grateful for any pop of color.