This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Holiday Lights

16 12 2018

















Amy’s one hot tomato.
















Angela continues her reign with this fringed eleganza of a gown.

















Jenna’s a fuchsia fantasy.

















J. Lo: More dress.

Designer: How much more?

J. Lo: I’ll tell you when to stop.

Designer: Now?

J. Lo: Not yet.



















I love a floral hippie prairie dress in a bright color.



















Love this beautiful dress.


















Cheerful, different and it has pockets?!?




















And you thought coral was a summer color.



















Over the top and just right.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Red Carpet, Black Dress

4 08 2018


















The fierceness of Ms. Bassett is a personal goal.  She’s rocking a sheer lace dress at 59! and bringing so much attitude.













Once again, #fierce.

















I adore Chloe’s super babydoll makeup paried with this Victorian-tinged gown.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Hello Sexy

22 07 2018
















Just the right amount of coverage to keep things legal.

















Until this picture, I didn’t actually know they made dresses this short.


















Sheer and sparkly, showing us that age means nothing on the red carpet.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Neon Lights

9 06 2018













How can you resist the boldness of this look?













Angela has been on a hot streak that continues with this gorgeous look.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Rainbow

19 05 2018

Thandie goes for a Star Wars gown, doubling down on the star wattage.





















Blue lace gives this gown an understated elegance.

















You have to respect the OG red carpet queen who gives the youngsters a run for their money.
















Loving the fresh vibe of this dress and fun pumps.








































Emilia’s regal in purple.





















I love the bejeweled shoulders and deep color of this epic (and probably super comfortable) gown.
















Words to describe this gown: epic, gorgeous, color bright.




















This dress is so happy that it practically does cartwheels.











Diane is going for a soft blue with major drama.

















A spring look for the tough girl.


















I’m not loving Emilia’s peroxide blonde but her purple dress is fun.

















Katie looks like she’s having a Mad Men Betty Draper moment.


















I can’t get enough of Sandy’s whole look.

















Red lace is never a wrong move.


















Like a fine bordeaux in bordeaux, J. Lo ages in reverse.

















Rooooaaarrrr.  Anne’s making a comeback.



This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Mix It Up

11 03 2018
















Priyanka goes for some serious reveals in this two piece.


















A shimmying impressionistic spring dress.















Angela’s suit is a woven dream.

















Love this buttercup floral look.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Hit Parade

3 03 2018















Curly hair don’t care and high/low glam.

















Jen looks like she will kick your ass if you don’t love her look.
















J. Hud’s a velvet dream with her heart on her hip.
















Those are some well-placed pockets.
















Accessories queen!
















Doll in a doily.