This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Red Ribbons

2 12 2017
















This gown is perfect for the winter holidays and the applique tiger adds just the right of extra.


















Scarlett in scarlet, kind of perfect.
















A lovely burgundy lace.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Print Fair

19 11 2017





















Spring feels just as fall is slipping into winter.















I guess it’s never winter in L.A.

















Liking this simple but original design.  Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.




















Such a ladylike look.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Flower Power

23 04 2017

















Loving this summery print.
















Purple heels add an edge to this otherwise very proper gown.

















Every girl would love to rock this perfect summer look.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: This Spring in Black & White

2 04 2017
















Salma’s dress is a combination of casual sweater and detailed skirt.















This is a very fancy lingerie look.















Great combo of romantic and sassy.















Joey wears a bold and sexy look.

















Jessica goes for deep dark colors and a deep V.


















Yes to everything about this happy polka dot look.
















Love this unexpected hint of skin.


















Anne looks like she’s being attacked by that top flounce.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Feeling Floral

2 04 2017


















Loving this fun floral Gucci that sings spring.















Birds and flowers and bright colors are a lovely way to get ready for a new season.



















Demi’s showing off a great new fashion sense and this long maxi feels perfect for the season.

















A very deep V along with dark flowers give this a slightly gothic vibe.

















Great color and a 70’s houseparty vibe.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Light Bright

20 11 2016

Glamour Women Of The Year 2016 - Arrivals
















The one place I have see flower yet – sheer sleeves.

Audi Celebrates "Jackie" At AFI Fest 2016 Presented By Audi
















I love that Natalie’s gown has a giant face right where the baby bump is.

Katy Perry receives 'Hollwood Star of Recognition' at Capital Records
















Ladies, learn to pose like a boss.
















Skintight doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Or uncover it, as it were.

















A little medieval lace goes a long way.
















This would make a great wedding gown.
















I feel like the skirts are way too wide and you can’t see the design.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Turning on the Lights

11 09 2016

The Cartier Fifth Avenue Grand Reopening Event

















Not sure why Sienna’s going farmer’s daughter here but it’s working.

73rd Venice Film Festival - 'Jackie' - Photocall















There’re dresses that are meant to flatter and there’re dresses that are meant to hide.  Before Natalie showed off her baby bump, she went for the hidden look.
















I like a good print but this is overwhelming as petite as Natalie.

















It’s funny that her boots are covering up more skin than her dress.

















This confection of a gown makes you think of cake.

Target and IMG kick off New York Fashion Week
















Poor Emily.  Looks like moths got into her closet and she didn’t have time to find a replacement dress.













I don’t know what I’m seeing but I’m horrified.


The Cartier Fifth Avenue Grand Reopening Event















I love a good illusion dress but here there’s just too much illusion.

















This sheer trench is A-mazing.