This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Shine On

9 12 2018

















I love Tessa’s boldness.  She goes big and badass.

















Nicole goes for upscale hippie chic.
















While there’s a lot to see in Naomie’s look, it all works together beautifully.














How to be like Dakota:

  1. get a custom Gucci gown with a strategically placed heart
  2. learn to give that over the shoulder look




















Blake looks like she should be in a hip hop video.






















A classic silver vibe.



















Amber pulls off this champagne slip dress with a louche energy.





This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Drama

26 08 2018

















This graffiti gown is more the idea of a dress than an actual one.





















J. Lo is channeling a Donatella Versace look from head to toe.


















Great Gatsby!  Blake is setting a new suited standard.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Printed Party

19 08 2018















Salma goes full out with the Gucci glam in this floral maxi.
















Rose’s stoic stance belies this deeply romantic floral gown.

















Jessica brings a lovely end of summer one shoulder look.

















I’ve been obsessed with Constance’s look all week – the mismatched prints with animal print heels are my new fall look.



















This outfit has raised a bunch of questions for me.  Is the skirt a bigger version of the T?  Are they the same scene but different views?  Why do I love it so much?



















This is what it looks like when confidence goes right over the edge.


















If you’re missing the 80’s at all, here’s a shorts suit to bring it all back but in a trendy way.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Dramatic Monochromatic

19 08 2018
















Mandy’s giving strong 80’s feels in this electric blue leather video vixen look.


















J. Lo’s fluttery baby pink baby doll doesn’t make her any less of a boss.


















Jessica goes for full on tiered sunshine in this seemingly endless gown.



















Blake is obviously feeling very sky right now and just wants to go unnoticed, under the radar.  I think this outfit can be seen from space.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: The Classics

27 05 2018

















Bringing the Deadpool drama (with matching nail polish!) in a gorgeous look.


















Oh Cate!  The drama of this pants look is fantastic.



















Not sure why but this look reminds me of a snowball.


















I’d like to be Jane at any age.

















Jenna’s going for the “hot post-divorce look” and it’s working.


















I’m here for the symmetry.



















There are just no words for J. Lo’s continued red carpet thigh high reign.


















I’m loving this flowy look with floral drama.

















Claire’s whole look is glowy glam.

















Sometimes I think Ciara bases her red carpet outfits on what gives less coverage – her dress or a towel.



















I love silver and I love Shailene’s bangs.
















There’s a 70’s disco diva vibe here that I’m feeling.



















Is this a jumpsuit?  A leotard with extra fabric?  An indoor bathing suit?  So many options for so little fabric.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Pastel Pretty

13 05 2018



















Work that gown, baby!















Blake is summer sassy.



Met Ball ’18: The Devil You Know

8 05 2018


















So much love for this look.












A strong contender for most fabric used.



















One of my favorite looks of the night.