This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Hello Yellow

22 10 2017


















It takes a bold lady to go full banana.


















Blake looks 9 feet tall in this post-modern graphic.



This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: White Lights

15 10 2017















There’s a tough girl vibe to Kate since she did a chop and it’s working.















This floaty, fairy look is lovely on Jen.















This dress deserves a little more pizazz in the hair and makeup department.

















Loving the boss girl glam of this sweet suit.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Rainbow Bright

28 05 2017

















Tracee’s robe-like gown is epic.
















I don’t like Salma as a blonde and I don’t like this 70’s style gown on her either.
















This green fairy dress is perfect for the season.
















Fantastic color and great makeup.

















A fun, flirty summer look.


















It’s a bold woman who wears neon on the red carpet.

Met Ball ’17: Metallica

1 05 2017
















This is what Joan of Arc would wear if she were invited to the Met Ball.  A little too sedate for my taste.


















Flowers, petals and sheer turn Halle into a very sexy jump-suited flower.  I love seeing her with short hair.
















An elegant golden girl.
















This is what would happen if a parrot was dipped in gold.  This gown looks like it’s about to take flight.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: A Little Bit of Black Magic

30 04 2017


















I’m not sure the colorful tassels were necessary but I like the embroidery and lace.

















A whole lot of deconstruction happening here and I love it.  Zoe’s been branching out to post-modern looks that we don’t usually see.

















Why can’t celebs wear comfortable dresses too?

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Find the Pattern

19 02 2017


















If you have the time, you can follow the story on Emma’s dress.


















Everyone’s j’adoring Dior again and with pretty looks like this, I can understand why.

















I like the colors on this gown that looks super comfortable.

















There’s so much happening here but Christina’s still the star.
















It’s always a good moment for colorful dresses & heels.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Blackest Night

22 01 2017

2017 Annual Artios Awards - Inside

















This sleek velvet look is killing me with its modernity.

















When you mean business but you’re open to pleasure.
















Lily looks adorable in that headband and the dress makes her look tiny.



















While I don’t think Kate’s going to launch a chunky heel trend, I do love that dress.
















This gown!  If this would be the Oscars red carpet, it would a top 5 look.


















Christina gives me nostalgic Mad Men vibes in this glam vintage-y look.

















At the Grand Ole Opry?  Yes.  Anywhere else?  No.