This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Spotted!

17 06 2018















Thandie’s look is so adorable and summery – that bag! – that I’m willing to deal with 85 degrees to celebrate its cuteness.





















Polka dots?  Pleats?  Tiers?  Yes, yes, yes!















Why should a leopard change its spots when they look this cute?
















Brie’s look is super girly and sweet.


SAG Awards ’18: Focus on Florals

21 01 2018
















Everything about Zoe’s look is perfection.


















Loving the very slight 70’s glamour vibe of Brie’s look.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Mix & Match

17 09 2017














Tessa’s gunmetal gown is both tough and tender.

















I love everything about this embroidered magical dress.
















Sometimes, it’s just about a great color with a fun design.















Something about this design feels too overbearing for Rachel.
















Rachel is minty perfection in this lingerie-inspired confection.
















Jessica’s a fireball.


















Someone’s feeling like Cinderella.

















It’s a no on the turban/headband but the rest of the outfit is cute.
















Demi’s got a fun little fall dress.



















Concept: Grace Jones


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Hello Yellow

17 09 2017














Feeling the bold floral vibe of Naomi’s dress.















When you just can’t decide between sheer and covered.  Emma’s got a naughty Margot Tenenbaum thing happening here.















Brie’s gown has a breezy 70’s hostess vibe to it.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Rays of Light

13 08 2017















Vanessa’s mini-dress is adorably summery and almost a figment of imagination.
















I miss ombre and I love this berrylicious concoction.















Brie looks like a burst of stardust.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Summer Gothic

9 07 2017
















Naomi finds a way to reinterpret black & gold, with asymmetry and a cool design.
















Kirsten is taking the “Paris when it sizzles” concept to heart with a peekaboo sheer skirt.

















The contrast of large embroidery mixed with tulle and swiss dot give this a strong vibe.




















A sheer blouse adds drama through design and a saucy leather belt.
















Sometimes, there’s nothing more perfect than the classics.
















There are many versions of this idea because it delivers dress drama with elegance.
















Brie & Kirsten bring layers to their layers.

Met Ball ’17: Metallica

1 05 2017
















This is what Joan of Arc would wear if she were invited to the Met Ball.  A little too sedate for my taste.


















Flowers, petals and sheer turn Halle into a very sexy jump-suited flower.  I love seeing her with short hair.
















An elegant golden girl.
















This is what would happen if a parrot was dipped in gold.  This gown looks like it’s about to take flight.