This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Color Mad

8 09 2018

















I love it when green makes a red carpet appearance.

















Love this yellow on Jessica and that little sheer strap is the loveliest touch.

















This unusual gown confuses me and I like that.



















I don’t know the color but I like that Tilda’s rockin’ it.

















This looks feels right out of the Greatest Showman and Zendaya pulls off the color combo, as usual.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Fall into Black

2 09 2018


















Jen adds a super hero like cape/train to her mini.  The heels steal the show.

















This striped dress has unexpected elements that give it flair.

















Loving Naomi’s sheer gown with fancy embellishments.
















Mary J’s cutouts are bold but I wouldn’t expect anything less.

















A lot happening here but somehow it work together.

















Cate’s look is timeless – this picture could have been taken in 1920, 1940 or yesterday.



















Black swan, white swan.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Women Wear The Pants

17 06 2018













Sandy brings killer sequins and a great pose to the red carpet.  The only heist here is stealing style.



















I’m summer lovin’ Thandie’s adorable florals with polka dots combo.


















Kerry’s jumpsuit skimps on the fabric up top but adds plenty to her train.

















Cate’s feathery style is fantastic.

















Tiffany’s silver lace jumpsuit is fun and fancy.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: The Classics

9 06 2018












It’s great to see Sandy back in glam on the red carpet.













Rosie obviously feels conflicted about wearing clothing and so has found the perfect compromise.


















I love the fun shape of this mini.

















Emily finds a way to make florals sexy.























Jen continues to rock an ageless look, including the perfect blonde hair.















That’s one way to try tattoos commitment-free.














I love this sparkly suit and the edgy tuxedo stripe.














Cate brings a deconstructed silhouette to the red carpet.






















This looks like the world’s most comfortable red carpet dress.



















I love the simple drama of Amber’s makeup paired with this perfect sequined tux.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Turn on the Red Light

3 06 2018





















When Sandy comes back, she comes back in a big way.  This glittery jumpsuit is very fierce.






















Jess brings the summer pretty.

















Turns out I don’t have to understand an outfit to like it.


















When you take the whole “be present” thing very literally.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: The Classics

27 05 2018

















Bringing the Deadpool drama (with matching nail polish!) in a gorgeous look.


















Oh Cate!  The drama of this pants look is fantastic.



















Not sure why but this look reminds me of a snowball.


















I’d like to be Jane at any age.

















Jenna’s going for the “hot post-divorce look” and it’s working.


















I’m here for the symmetry.



















There are just no words for J. Lo’s continued red carpet thigh high reign.


















I’m loving this flowy look with floral drama.

















Claire’s whole look is glowy glam.

















Sometimes I think Ciara bases her red carpet outfits on what gives less coverage – her dress or a towel.



















I love silver and I love Shailene’s bangs.
















There’s a 70’s disco diva vibe here that I’m feeling.



















Is this a jumpsuit?  A leotard with extra fabric?  An indoor bathing suit?  So many options for so little fabric.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Rainbow

19 05 2018

Thandie goes for a Star Wars gown, doubling down on the star wattage.





















Blue lace gives this gown an understated elegance.

















You have to respect the OG red carpet queen who gives the youngsters a run for their money.
















Loving the fresh vibe of this dress and fun pumps.








































Emilia’s regal in purple.





















I love the bejeweled shoulders and deep color of this epic (and probably super comfortable) gown.
















Words to describe this gown: epic, gorgeous, color bright.




















This dress is so happy that it practically does cartwheels.











Diane is going for a soft blue with major drama.

















A spring look for the tough girl.


















I’m not loving Emilia’s peroxide blonde but her purple dress is fun.

















Katie looks like she’s having a Mad Men Betty Draper moment.


















I can’t get enough of Sandy’s whole look.

















Red lace is never a wrong move.


















Like a fine bordeaux in bordeaux, J. Lo ages in reverse.

















Rooooaaarrrr.  Anne’s making a comeback.