US Hotness Edition: All Tied Up

6 08 2017















Mad Men may be long gone but Jon’s hotness is a gift that lasts a lifetime.


U.S. Hotness Edition: Rockin’ Ryan

1 06 2014

Ryan Gosling Shows Off Tattoo Peaking Under His Rolled Up SleevesWords would just spoil the mood.

Cannes Hotness Edition: Overseas Gos

25 05 2014

Ryan Gossling makes two girls happy at LAX



















Ryan jetted off to Cannes to show his directorial debut.  He can direct me anytime.

U.K. Hotness Edition: McGregor Madness

11 11 2012



There are many reasons to love Ewan: charity work, the blue eyes, outstanding actor, propensity for nudity in movies, the accent, sense of humor.  Feel free from any of the above or come up with your own.  Or you can just stare at his picture.