This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Bold Beauties

6 05 2018
















There’s a distinct alien warrior princess vibe to this gown.
















Zendaya takes the go big or go home approach to heart.  I love the playfulness of her poufy mini paired with polka dot heels and a 60’s hairdo.

















Hailee reminds me of a coconut layered cake.


















Gabrielle’s look is so out there on so many levels that I really reward the effort.
















Be the flower.



This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Let the Light In

3 09 2017
















Paris is starting to be quite the fashionista.

















There’s so little actual dress here but it’s a rocker chic look.
















This gown has a distinct wedding vibe.
















Swing it, sister!  Julianne’s silver gown looks super comfy.















Jane continues to be timeless in her chicness.
















My fine-feathered friend!  Laura’s dress makes me smile.

















Who doesn’t love a bold fall floral with edgy bangs?

















A whole new way to wear one-shoulder.
















A frilly print that feels perfect for the season.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Red Roses

11 06 2017














Everyone’s feeling Gucci this year.



















This slightly ethnic gown is a very different look for Lily.















This top is a fascinating mystery.
















I love when Chloe brings a crazy edge to the red carpet.  The turban & ankle socks?  Killer.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part: Zebra Chic

11 06 2017














While I can’t stand pants that length, I love the crisp angles of Selena’s shirt.
















Salma’s dress is cute but her heart-shaped sunglasses and funky heels are the best parts.
















I will always love a simple black dress with white collar & cuffs.
















A lovely princess style gown with pretty embroidery.

















Nicole gets covered up in a polka dotted slightly Victorian style dress.

















I really like the ruffles on this fun dress – which is actually a mini.


















The perfect look for when you’re not sure how strong the air conditioning will be inside.

















Loving this avant garde mini.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Springing into Black

7 05 2017

















Chloe’s dress seems to have an uneven distribution of fabric and looks to be held up by sheer willpower.

















This sweet capelet livens up Demi’s LBD.















This deconstructed dress is a different look for Emily but the thigh boots are a bit much.
















Felicity’s making sweet traditional gowns her specialty.















Damn Halle!  This sexy sheer jumpsuit reveals way more than it covers.
















J. Lo’s post-Met Ball look is straight up diva.

















Kerry’s look has a 70’s disco vibe.

















This dress is a cute optical illusion.




















Cute black take o summer but it’s Sofia’s beachy waves that I’m focused on.


















Zoe’s dress is a golden spider’s web.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Jewel Tones

30 04 2017
















Loving Katie’s new haircut and the color of this gown.















Demi goes with a bold shape and an even bolder neckline.
















Lime green?  Chloe always bring red carpet edginess.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Black is Black

18 09 2016
















I’m very over these type of gowns but I think Kate’s pulling it off beautifully – great eye makeup too.

















This is a lovely dress but it ages Julianne about 10 years.


















Even when her dress is kind of blah, Jennifer’s hair is always stealing the show.
















Not feeling this 1940’s look, even with the glam.

















Elisabeth is killing it in this fierce mini and out of control heels while Naomi is channeling a more boho vibe.

KENZO Presents 'The Realest Real' A Film by Carrie Brownstein
















Chloe is slaying in a very fierce ensemble that manages to have fur & sheer and still not feel overwhelming.

















I like that Suki goes for more modest looks as she makes her way into film.  Loving the makeup too.















The exact type of look we’ve come to expect from Rooney, down to the uncomfortable facial expression.

Universal Pictures and Working Title Films Present the American Premiere of "Bridget Jones's Baby"

















My favorite look of her whole press tour.

The screening of NBC 'This Is Us'
















Ladies, when you’re feeling that there’s nothing left to wear, take a lesson from Mandy – find something black, white & red and they will without a doubt look amazing together.