This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Metallica

16 06 2019

















Tessa obviously doesn’t believe in a no frills approach.

















Mandy’s dress is the perfect shade of silver but it’s her eyeshadow that grabs the attention.

















Jada rocks a sleek silver tux.


















Elisabeth is the true mother of all dragons in this dramatic mini.
















Claire goes for all the sparkle.



This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: The Only Color That Matters

9 02 2019

















Luxe velvet with fringe benefits.


















Shailene is a winter garden beauty.




















Shoulders and diamond drama.


















Love Regina’s elegant gown.


















Mini with a sassy little clutch.


















New mom Diane looks regal.

















Claire looks lovely in the fluffy gown with great hair.



















Angela is giving all sorts of strong vibes.

Critic’s Choice ’19: B&W&Gorg

13 01 2019



















Laura shines and reveals.

















I like this refreshing top.

















This gown just makes me smile.


















Nicole is perfection.


















Julia continues her pants reign with a sleek head to toe look.

Best of 2018: Brightest of the Bright

30 12 2018

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: The Lights Are On

25 11 2018




















Tessa’s gown has the delicacy of lemon sorbet.


















Nicole delivers holiday level shimmer.

















Lupita’s flapper fringe magic is gorgeous.

















Claire’s look is queen-worthy.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Bold in Black

28 10 2018


















Cate’s dress is like an abstract painting.






















When you can’t decide between skin on top or bottom and just go for broke.




















Floral fantasy.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Turn on Your Brights

14 10 2018


















I am in love with this Valentine red dress.





















This pattern makes me smile.


















What a lovely print.

















How do you spell her name?  D-I-V-A.


















When the back has all the drama.



















This color, this design, this queen.


















Golden girl.