This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Never Not Black

24 02 2019


















This gown is a fantasy of sheer lace and hidden promises.




















Megan goes for serious with peaked shoulders.


















Sweet little sleeves with a classic style.



















“Yeah, I tux.  I tux hard.”


















Dakota is always effortless Cali chic.



Best of 2018: Brightest of the Bright

30 12 2018

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Shine On

9 12 2018

















I love Tessa’s boldness.  She goes big and badass.

















Nicole goes for upscale hippie chic.
















While there’s a lot to see in Naomie’s look, it all works together beautifully.














How to be like Dakota:

  1. get a custom Gucci gown with a strategically placed heart
  2. learn to give that over the shoulder look




















Blake looks like she should be in a hip hop video.






















A classic silver vibe.



















Amber pulls off this champagne slip dress with a louche energy.




This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Skirting Around It

2 12 2018

















J. Lo keeps things both covered and uncovered in a (what’s for her) a sedate look.


















Going for “feeling cute, might delete later” look, Hailee gets sassy.


















Someone’s got a strong spring bride vibe happening.


















I’m not sure about the color or the design but Dakota still looks great.


















Twinkle, twinkle…Dakota shines in this lovely silver trimmed gown.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Back to Black

4 11 2018






















Zoe takes a break from showing skin for a classic glam.
























Bringing hot mom vibes.

















Dakota is goth lite in this gorgeous look with lovely makeup.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Silver Belles

21 10 2018



















This second skin gown has a beautiful glow but it’s the dark lips that make the look.
























There’s a high end prom vibe to this look.


















Dakota is radiant in this cheerful and modern disco gown.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Fall into Black

14 10 2018















Thandie lets summer linger in this flirty polka dot gown.

















And then goes for a luxe velvet look.


















There’s a naughty French maid vibe here paired with a boss lady jacket.
















I’m all for a dress that entertains too.



















Why don’t all suits have flowers on them?



















This is Kate’s preferred silhouette probably because it always seems to work.



















This is a great romantic look for Hilary.


















Dakota rocks this jumpsuit like a boss.




















I’m not sure the top is the most flattering but I like the idea of this.




















Claire takes a break from new mom duties with this glammed up look.