This Year in Celebrity Fashion, Part V: The Originals

31 12 2017













So chic and modern.
















Tough & tender.









A trench for the ages.









Always bringing a new perspective.

















Go get’m tiger.
















Show & tell.
















A T-shirt with a sheer gown is radical innovation.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Flora & Fauna

6 08 2017

















Lupita is all about that plant life, bringing the Amazon to the red carpet.

















Jenny’s fantastic top is so perfect for end of summer.















I am obsessed with Elisabeth’s amazing bouquet of a dress.
















This dress is its own garden party.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Twilight

4 06 2017














I’m loving the disco heels and asymmetrical hem but the top of that dress is straight 80’s sweatshirt.


















A little bit of shoulder, a lot of design.




















Loving everything about this slightly off-kilter but very put together look.  And the polka dots!

















Tutu much tulle.
















A perfect sexy summer dress.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Wild White

21 05 2017




















There’s definitely gown drama if you need an aerial shot to capture the full splendor.
















Loving this bold draping.















Pippa goes for a classic lace with cap sleeves to show off her arms.



















I love the louche loose arms in this pairing of sexy top with serious but sparkly skirt.
















A simple but pretty dress that every girl would want to wear for summer.

















I love love love the juxtaposition of the tough moto jacket with the sweet tulle skirt.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Black is Black

18 09 2016
















I’m very over these type of gowns but I think Kate’s pulling it off beautifully – great eye makeup too.

















This is a lovely dress but it ages Julianne about 10 years.


















Even when her dress is kind of blah, Jennifer’s hair is always stealing the show.
















Not feeling this 1940’s look, even with the glam.

















Elisabeth is killing it in this fierce mini and out of control heels while Naomi is channeling a more boho vibe.

KENZO Presents 'The Realest Real' A Film by Carrie Brownstein
















Chloe is slaying in a very fierce ensemble that manages to have fur & sheer and still not feel overwhelming.

















I like that Suki goes for more modest looks as she makes her way into film.  Loving the makeup too.















The exact type of look we’ve come to expect from Rooney, down to the uncomfortable facial expression.

Universal Pictures and Working Title Films Present the American Premiere of "Bridget Jones's Baby"

















My favorite look of her whole press tour.

The screening of NBC 'This Is Us'
















Ladies, when you’re feeling that there’s nothing left to wear, take a lesson from Mandy – find something black, white & red and they will without a doubt look amazing together.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Night Falls

15 11 2015















Lily’s playful dress is like a burst of starlight, with a hint of illusion.


















Kerry’s classic and classy look is muy elegante.


















J. Law’s gown has lingerie leanings but is still red carpet right.
















You have to give credit to Jane for working it out and slaying the younger ladies.  Sheer top?  Animal print jacket?  Slim cut pants?  Done, done and oh, yeah, done.


















Hilary’s gown has a slight art deco vibe and it’s so mesmerizing.


















Feeling Gugu’s “nothing simple about this dress” ensemble.  I’m especially intrigued by the intentionally colorful zipper.

















A LBD and hot heels are all a lady ever needs.




















When I saw Demi’s look, I was in awe.  I love some classic B&W pairing but this is on another level.
























Feel like attending an event in pajamas?  Cate goes for comfort in wide pants and a loose relaxed top.

cate 2




















Velvet is always luxe and Cate’s pairing with satin goes for a very grown up vibe.  Liking the hair too.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Fall Colors

11 10 2015

















I want to see more purple on the red carpet, thanks for Thandie.  The combo of simple satin and Dutch Wax fabric is great, as is the unexpected animal print clutch.


















Carey’s back on the red carpet after giving birth to a baby girl on the DL.  Not sure about the frou frou here but loving her hair.


















Liking the cute shape of Elisabeth’s mini and her metallic heels.