This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: All the Presents under the Tree

10 12 2017



















Bustier + florals=sweet & sassy.
















Lily looks like a naughty gift wrapped up.















Keira must be ready for another period drama because her gown is already back in the 19th century.















I like a bold print.















The world needs more full dramatic sleeves.
















When you’re way too caught up in ribbons…


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Red Carpet, Black Chic

10 12 2017

















Love the drama of this gown.

















An animal bodice, a blonde wig and velvet – happy holidays from Zendaya!

















Sleeves!  Ombre!  Drama!
















Easy breezy.

















The cool girl’s uniform.




















A little Swiss Dot, a little bow and a lot of leg.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Tinseltown

10 12 2017
















Daisy is the brightest star in the galaxy with this heavenly gown.

















I’m always a fan of green on the red carpet.















Someone’s channeling her best Elvira from Scarface.

















There’s a bit too much happening here.
















It’s like two dress melted into each other.
















It’s lingerie disco!
















I don’t know what I like more – the coat or the gift-wrapped shoes.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Holiday Blushes

10 12 2017

















Kerry’s flirty floral has a very festive feel.


















Conceptually, this is beautiful but the width and length are a bit awkward.


















Who doesn’t want to wear a sweater on the red carpet?  I love Cate’s fancy casual vibe.

















There’s never a wrong season for pretty florals.

















Alicia pairs major jewelry with an deceptively simple high/low dress.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Black Light

3 12 2017
















Livening up a LBD with a gold waterfall.

















There’s a hippie chic glam to this sheer gown.
















Mary J has decided that “no more drama” has one exception – the red carpet.

















Simple chic with lots of sequins.
















This one shoulder top with a full lace train is fantastic.


















Those shoulders must have gotten the extra fabric missing from the top.
















A very simple yet classic red carpet dress.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Holiday Lights

3 12 2017
















This lacy confection looks girly and delicate.


















The soft peach is lovely but I’m perplexed by the sleeves that look like nun’s habits.














I love the drama of this modern update of a gown.
















Allison is a one woman garden party.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Red Ribbons

2 12 2017
















This gown is perfect for the winter holidays and the applique tiger adds just the right of extra.


















Scarlett in scarlet, kind of perfect.
















A lovely burgundy lace.