Oscars ’18: Precious Metals

4 03 2018





















After a long break, Sandy’s back and looking fantastic in this dramatic gown.


















This gown looks more like a costume.

















Jen’s got a louche disco vibe going on here.


















Gal looks like she’s straight out of Chicago.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Hit Parade

3 03 2018















Curly hair don’t care and high/low glam.

















Jen looks like she will kick your ass if you don’t love her look.
















J. Hud’s a velvet dream with her heart on her hip.
















Those are some well-placed pockets.
















Accessories queen!
















Doll in a doily.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Lights On

25 02 2018
















This ruched nude has lots of wakanda power.

















I barely recognized Rosamund with her bangin’ new hair.  But it was the drama of the coat of many feathers and dress of many tiers that held my attention.



















Michelle rocks the timelessness of a ballgown paired with a simple white shirt.
















There’s a disco glam vibe to Jen’s whole look.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Out of the Dark

25 02 2018


















Millie solves that tough “what to wear on the red carpet when it’s cold” problem.

















Rosie, besides looking 8 feet tall, is channeling 80’s music video vibes here.

















Two deep plunges.

















Sexy goth.



















Claire always look dressed up but comfortable on the red carpet.

Baftas ’18: Dark Drama

18 02 2018

















When it doubt, put a flower on it.

















Lupita goes for shapes and structure.

















If you played Cinderella, you can wear a princess dress, in every color.














Jennifer’s gown reminds me of John Singer Sargent portraits.
















Loving the silver detail on Gugu’s gown.

















Gemma’s frilly edges add some flair to her gown.


















Angie is made for a velvet red carpet moment.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Light up the Dark

19 11 2017















Not sure that this is the most flattering style but I do like the shoulder drama.
















Red carpet lingerie.

















A little unexpected avante garde artistry.
















I’m liking the edginess paired with dainty dresses that Dior’s doing.
















When you’re not sure the chair’s going to be comfortable enough and you carry your own pillow.















I love a full long top paired with leggings.
















Shirred and sheer and glam.


















Great nude/black mix with lots of sequins.



















Sometimes you’re just not sure if you want to commit to sleeves.



















A lot of fabric yet still a lot of skin.



















Lacy baby bump coverage.



















When you finally find a second use for that beach coverup.



















Damn, Dame!  Killing it in sexy leather.


















It’s like this dress started out as one idea and ended up another.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Darkness Falls

22 10 2017
















Lacy and sexy, SJP balances the hidden & revealed.
















I love the sheen of this fabric and the adorable shoulder ties.

















Always down with some embroidery.















This looks like a most chill red carpet dress ever.

















The fringe/sequin combo is a fun look.



















This is classic red carpet CZJ.




















Loving the architectural qualities of this rich dress.