This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Summer Lights

9 07 2017
















This delicate dress whispers “garden party chic.”
















And this is Tilda being low key, looking like a silver statuette.


















I like a nice summer high/low skirt and this dress is perfect.




















Kate’s got a summer haircut, strappy heels and polka dots, which make for a fresh remix.
















Briefs, army boots & fringe?  That’s the magic of Paris Fashion Week.
















Gwyneth looks like a summery dessert.
















There’s a 60’s vibe here that’s just asking for white go-go boots.

Celebrity Street Style: Chic in the Streets

14 05 2017















J. Law is unexpectedly chic in this gorgeous lacy raincoat, lingerie-inspired skirt and sexy heels.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Colorful Lights

18 12 2016
















I’m loving this festive red jersey.

"Collateral Beauty" World Premiere

















I am crazy about this neon floral.

















I don’t understand why Jessica ruins a great look with very dreary hair and makeup.

















When you’re JLaw, a sports bra and breezy skirt work for the red carpet.  I would not try this look at your office holiday party.

















I don’t want to be Helen when I’m older, I want to be Helen now.  This look is a cute look from the front and the back.

The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Arrivals



































More neon florals.  I hope this is a spring trend because it’ll get me through the grey winter.



This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Light Bright

18 12 2016

The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Arrivals


















This is light gothic.
















It’s not quite wearing her heart on her sleeve but it’s close.

















I don’t love this lack of a color on Felicity even though it’s a pretty look.

















This is a wedding cake of a dress.
















I love me some lavender and this gown is both elegant and sexy.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Holiday Blues

18 12 2016

"Collateral Beauty" World Premiere
















Feeling the pairing of a fun faux fur with an elegant embroidered dress.
















JLaw is full Joan of Arc in this princess with an edge gown.
















Blake, Ryan, their daughter James and their new baby (no name revealed), are all color coordinated in this family portrait.

The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Arrivals

















It’s been awhile since I took geometry but this looks like it would pass the test.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: How to Party

11 12 2016

Coach 75th Anniversary: Women's Pre-Fall and Men's Fall Show - Arrivals















Zoe definitely stands out but sometimes I wish she would surprise by wearing something NOT sheer and a bra.
















Fun and festive but there’s something a little retro about that skirt.
















Liking the long lace duster paired with sexy leather pants and heels.















I love Katie with bangs and with this lovely gown that gives her a tiny waist.

London Evening Standard British Film Awards - VIP Arrivals

















Kate shouldn’t look this scared when her flouncy lingerie-inspired dress looks this cute.
















There are moments when Jennifer really cleans up nicely.
















JA hearts LBD.
















This feels very 19th century glam.


















Allison’s quite the silver belle.


















The bodice/shoulder sheer on Camila’s gown is lovely and the fam was all coordinated.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Holiday Nights

4 12 2016















A little winter beach action in December.

















Chic velvet and a pose I’m going to be practicing in my party pictures.
















Soon to be mama Amanda goes for dark eyes and sheer mini.

















This is exactly the look my teachers would give me when they caught me passing notes in class again.  Nicole gives it the proper glam in this simple silver.
















More velvet wrapping in a classic goddess design.