This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Rockin’ Red

15 10 2017

















OK, this is orange but it’s close on the spectrum.  I’d chop 2 feet off this look.















Sometimes, you wear your heart on your sleeve and sometimes, it’s just on your chest.















Jennifer will save Puerto Rico and this gown will save the red carpet.


















Diane looks tres elegant in this classic red with classic draping.















I appreciate delicate details like a little ruffle and bow belt.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Bold Beauties

24 09 2017

















Just a little bit of lace is enough to set things on fire.  Nicole goes for a very sexy look.

















Taraji’s dress leaves nothing to the imagination.

















J. Lo opts for a balance of covered up skin and sexy reveals in a gorgeous periwinkle.
















Jenna’s gown looks princess-y bu the side is completely sheer.




















The queen of black lace has arrived.


















The original and still reigning champion of slayage.

Celebrity Street Style: Super Cas

3 09 2017















Striped leather leggings with Gucci fur loafers?  An alligator bag?  Just the kind of thrown together look most of us sport to the airport.















This is J.Lo’s weekend look.  Everything about it is out of control.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part : Classic Remix

20 08 2017
















Reese looks flawless in this one shoulder metallic fun dress.


















The floral maxi every girl wants to wear until Labor Day.


















Those sleeves must be making up for the short shorts.



















Mandy rocks at unusual design in a great color.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Edge of Darkness

13 08 2017















Kate’s lacy sheer gown is the perfect entree to fall.















You don’t want J. Lo showing up at your wedding looking 10 kinds of glam.
















Loving this ethnic print for a vibrant change.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Hot in Black

30 07 2017


















Not only am I loving Sofia with bangs but I’m feeling this flirty lace dress with surprise red lining.

















Sometimes all you need is a black & white dress paired with red lipstick.

















Nicole goes ultra sexy in sheer and lace.


















Jen’s dress is summer perfection.
















Halle’s golden highlights match her dresses gold details.













J. Lo’s mini is more the idea of a dress than actual fabric but it’s muy caliente.



















Charlize is scary/sexy in this look that’s ready to kick your ass.
















Jewelry worn as a capelet?  Sign me up!

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: The High Life

2 07 2017














This is beyond pretty in pink.
















Lacy & breezy is the perfect summer combo.












When you provide your own air conditioning.
















Our second neck scarf, is this a trend where you do a high slit but find a use for the extra fabric?