This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: This Spring in Black & White

2 04 2017
















Salma’s dress is a combination of casual sweater and detailed skirt.















This is a very fancy lingerie look.















Great combo of romantic and sassy.















Joey wears a bold and sexy look.

















Jessica goes for deep dark colors and a deep V.


















Yes to everything about this happy polka dot look.
















Love this unexpected hint of skin.


















Anne looks like she’s being attacked by that top flounce.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Cool Ghouls

1 11 2015















Joey makes her COTS debut with this beyond adorable hot air balloon dress in a fun retro style.
















Jen goes for a bandeau look and a hint of skin in this almost classic evening look.
















Saoirse would like you to know that she’s all grown up and this sheer gown is her way of proving it.


















The family Witherspoon & Phillipe look so cute together on the red carpet.  Ava & Deacon are such mini-me’s.


















Michelle’s look has a distinct 80’s rocker girl vibe.





















There’s almost no dress on top and too much dress on bottom.






















Loving Drew’s florals, hating her overly ombred hair.