This Week in J&J Romance: Lovers in Paris

15 04 2017

















A little bit of French chic for Jen with some unexpected slits.
















Bustier?  Oui!  J&J go rocker cool in sleek black leather.













Flirty florals for a night out.




This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Lighten Up

24 01 2016

















There’s something Gatsby-esque about this flapper-ish look.














Throwing a slit on one leg of a jumpsuit?  Sassy.

















I’m usually a fan of January’s avant garde explorations but this look does nothing for me.

















Jen takes a break from black with this soft non-color.  Her highlights are the most colorful thing here.

















I’ve never seen Dakota in anything so colorful and I’m both alarmed and amused by it.  Between the frilly fabric and chunky heels, it’s like the 70’s are back.


This Week in J&J Romance: Perfect Pair

11 10 2015

















Jen looks all comfy in her jumpsuit while supporting Justin for his TV show.  Love how coordinated they always are.  The couples that style together, stays together (ok, not always but most of the time).

This Week in J&J Romance: Oscars Recap

1 03 2015















Sexy picture from one of our favorite couples.  Nice to see Jen looking so saucy and confident and Justin, as the man behind the woman.

Oscars 2015: J&J Red Carpet Edition

22 02 2015
















Jen goes for beachy hair and a nude gown that’s got a whole lot of sheer skirt.  Justin goes for his usual stovepipe suit and intense eyebrows.

SAG Awards 2015: J&J Bust Out

25 01 2015














Do my eyes deceive me or is Jen wearing…a color?  Yes, it’s covered in black lace and yes, Justin’s got black covered too but this is a bold look for Jen.  She’s on a cleavage kick, loving that drop necklace and it’s back to long hair too.

Critics Choice Awards 2015: Who Wears the Pants?

15 01 2015











Jen breaks her patterns and color palette in this maroon pantsuit that despite the deep V isn’t not as sexy as it’s supposed to be.