Met Ball ’18: Golden Girls

8 05 2018

















Naomi’s gown is glowing and I like the shoulder action.





















Rosie’s holier than thou halo is the perfect complement to her very cape-y gown.














I hope SJP’s car had an open sunroof on the way over.


















Somehow Olivia is projecting a very devilish look for a golden angel.
















Kerry’s molten gold gown is perfection and her halo of hair is the right amount of drama.
















Bringing a bit of heaven to earth with epic wings.















I have no idea how this represents the theme but it’s beautiful.

















A golden full length Liberace style cape?  Hell yeah!

















Angel in the front but devil in the back.
















Heavenly princess.
















Kate is the picture of fashion holiness.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Lovely Ladies

18 03 2018

















Reese brings her mini-me Ava for a ladylike twosome photo op.
















Kate’s dress is elegant but playful.

















I can’t figure out if Jenna is covered up or exposed in this original ensemble.

















Glitter camo is a cool look on Isla.

















It’s a jungle out there for Eiza.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Winter White

14 01 2018
















I’m not sold on the dark lips but I love the draping of this vanilla gown.
















Someone’s really feeling their stripes.
















When you really don’t want to waste that extra fabric.
















Modern and fresh.
















I love the Ms Havisham ruined wedding dress vibe of this post-modern bustier.
















Angelina knows how to turn up her star wattage to high.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: The Black List

11 11 2017

















Love love love Regina’s fantastic look and especially that artsy skirt.

















Olivia goes for ladylike and sweet.
















Michelle’s jumpsuit is crazy fierce.

















Those heels are an unexpected choice for an animal print pairing.




















The dress is pretty but the heels are something else.
















JHud’s hair is fantastic and I love her flirty gown.


















Jane continues to slay all day.



















Kiss kiss from Gal’s mini.

















A little sheer, a little shredded.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: So Bright

4 11 2017




















I’m obsessed with the ombre top and love the chinoiserie skirt, both providing subtle drama.  Bonus points to the girl on the left with her pink booties.

















Kate’s look is just princess pretty.

















Talk about matching – Dakota’s fuchsia and red outfit has sandals that match perfectly.















This seafoam green is a lovely color, especially with the silver tones.


















Claire’s feathering her nest with this light touch.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Metal Metal

29 10 2017




















CZJ goes for one arm and a deep slit for maximum exposure.

















I like the little shoulder scarf situation and feathery fringe.
















Green glam looks gorg on Kate.



















Alicia is a fashion generalista.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Creative Coalition

7 05 2017

















Love this minty turquoise paired with girly lace.
















This is just the right side of “the big top.”

















I am in love with the drama of this look that balances over the top couture in such a modern way.
















I wonder if J. Lo makes her fashion choices based not on “what am I going to wear today?” but on “how much am I going to wear today?”


















I’m a big advocate for fresh colors on the red carpet and this green day dress is just the right combo of color and design.