This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Sexy in Black

20 01 2018

















Zoe’s mini is basically a stretched out velvet bodysuit.
















Yes, Kerry looks dramatic but have you seen that edgy bracelet?
















There is no moment in time when Helen isn’t the biggest bad ass out there.


















Halle decides to go for the bare in the most unexpected locale.  I’m surprised this pic isn’t censored.















Everything about this look is perfection.
















Gal’s delicate gown looks like a lace spider’s web.

















If you’re wearing head to toe leather, you should be hosting a comedy special (respect to Eddie Murphy).  But this look is fresh.


Golden Globes ’18: All the Basics

7 01 2018
















I feel like I’ve seen Pene in this gown 1000 times.
















Classic Kidman.
















Look at that bootie!

















Love the drama of this gown and the pink lip.
















This is a lovely dress but I can’t stop looking at that weird part hanging towards her chest.

This Year in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Kerry Hits Her Stride

31 12 2017

Kerry started working with a new stylist and her look took off.  Whether she was doing press or working the red carpet, every moment counted.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Holiday Blushes

10 12 2017

















Kerry’s flirty floral has a very festive feel.


















Conceptually, this is beautiful but the width and length are a bit awkward.


















Who doesn’t want to wear a sweater on the red carpet?  I love Cate’s fancy casual vibe.

















There’s never a wrong season for pretty florals.

















Alicia pairs major jewelry with an deceptively simple high/low dress.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Seasonal Red

19 11 2017















I love a sheer overlay and this look has a cool girl edge.

















Hello glam!  I’m all about this deep red velvet old Hollywood glam.















Amazing color on Diane with lovely girly details.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Royal Jewels

11 11 2017

















Twinkle, twinkle, someone’s ultra bright tonight.














Since my Crayola days, I’ve loved a good periwinkle.















I wouldn’t have thought a bright kelly green would look this good.

















This velvet forest green is unexpected and unusual.

















Sometimes, one sleeve is enough especially in this rich color.

















What a cheery gown.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Fall Back

4 11 2017

















I like the sharp shoulder and armor-like bodice.
















Pene is lovely in midnight blue.

















I don’t know what I like more – Mila’s sharp lob or her fun shoulders.
















Diane has a solution for when you can’t decide between a skirt and shorts.















Red lips, red flowers, red heels – Charlize is “red” on the money.


















Ashley’s sheer dress is all about the sneak peek.



















Kerry’s new stylist is absolutely killing it for her and this top is one of my favorite looks of the year!