This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Women Wear The Pants

17 06 2018













Sandy brings killer sequins and a great pose to the red carpet.  The only heist here is stealing style.



















I’m summer lovin’ Thandie’s adorable florals with polka dots combo.


















Kerry’s jumpsuit skimps on the fabric up top but adds plenty to her train.

















Cate’s feathery style is fantastic.

















Tiffany’s silver lace jumpsuit is fun and fancy.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Black Dress, Red Carpet

13 05 2018
















Thandie’s gown reminds us of a galaxy far, far away.



















Gray sheer is a fresh take on look we’ve seen a lot of and the maroon platforms are a nice touch too.

















Sheer shoulders and sleeves all day long.

















Penelope packs so much drama into this gown.


















It’s a black dress but with an edge…and an epic necklace.




















All covered up…something we don’t see every day.















Kerry’s giving me ballerina vibes in this pose.




















Cate always delivers glam.





















Amber brings a touch of the 60’s to the red carpet along with adorable booties.




Met Ball ’18: Golden Girls

8 05 2018

















Naomi’s gown is glowing and I like the shoulder action.





















Rosie’s holier than thou halo is the perfect complement to her very cape-y gown.














I hope SJP’s car had an open sunroof on the way over.


















Somehow Olivia is projecting a very devilish look for a golden angel.
















Kerry’s molten gold gown is perfection and her halo of hair is the right amount of drama.
















Bringing a bit of heaven to earth with epic wings.















I have no idea how this represents the theme but it’s beautiful.

















A golden full length Liberace style cape?  Hell yeah!

















Angel in the front but devil in the back.
















Heavenly princess.
















Kate is the picture of fashion holiness.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Bright Spring

22 04 2018



















I’m loving Thandie’s bold op art jumpsuit.


















Is it a dress?  I’m not sure but I do like the general 70’s vibe here, including the soft bangs.

















Simple but very purple.


















With that mega bow and those shoulders, Naomie’s serving up a strong 80’s feeling here.


















I do love an unexpected green floral.
















Spring tweed is a fun twist.









Giving a new spin to hellbent for leather.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Light Spring

22 04 2018





















A ladylike silhouette with an edgy design makes this a standout look for Naomie.

















This dress is the perfect spring bouquet.
















Nicole is literally all one color here.
















Feeling this updated disco look for Kerry.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Pretty Colors

15 04 2018
















Kerry is doing a great transitional look, pairing a hot coat with florals and a hint of spring.

















Ageless Demi wears an unusual netted dress that makes her look like a mermaid caught on land.

















I’m going to try to focus on the long-hidden Cameron and her beautiful disco gown and not on her husband’s head tattoo.  It’s not easy.

















I like the idea of this gown but not the color pairings.

















Kate hides her baby bump in daffodil.
















This dress is deceptively simple but perfect.

















This short-sleeved coat is bonkers, with that floral lining and red shoes.


















Sometimes, pretty is just plenty.















Love this shade of pink.





















This is a fresh take on a garden party look.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Full Length Drama

3 03 2018
















Tessa’s dress looks like a lot of shimmying fun.

















Salma’s got a tough/chic balance going on.
















Don’t be scared Rooney, your lace/pants combo looks fantastic.

















Kerry brings an impressionistic springtime vibe.
















Wrap it up, Gugu.



















Elizabeth’s gown has a pixel-y look.

















Show off those pleats, Allison.