This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Wicked in White

8 10 2017



















Those architectural wings make quite a dramatic statement.

















A loose shirt that’s practically indecent and tennis balls as heels – Emily’s definitely making a statement.
















Frou frou!  This deconstructed draping is clever and interesting.

















A post-modernist white wedding.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Summer Essentials

30 07 2017


















I love a good red and this summer look is especially bright, along with the crisp pleats.
















Off duty Kerry looks summer-tastic with a fun floral and brown accessories.



















Who needs AC when you can have a shoulder breeze?
















Halle’s loose silvery layers feel easy breezy.
















Nothing says summer more than a soft floral.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Color Blind

16 07 2017
















Doesn’t this look like a dress that a mermaid would wear on an evening out of the ocean?
















This bouquet of a gown is perfectly suited to a summer night.
















Gemma was feeling decorative.















Roses are red

This dress is perfection

Let it be said

Emily is a floral confection
















Loving the tough girl in red mixed with a little frou frou.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Dreamy

25 06 2017
















This is a gown that Jane Austen would be proud of.

















Chic, short & charming.

















Girls everywhere want to steal everything about this boho chic summer look.
















Polka dot

Red hot

Helen Mirren won’t stop
















Why isn’t every bride wearing this dress?


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Red Roses

11 06 2017














Everyone’s feeling Gucci this year.



















This slightly ethnic gown is a very different look for Lily.















This top is a fascinating mystery.
















I love when Chloe brings a crazy edge to the red carpet.  The turban & ankle socks?  Killer.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Wild White

21 05 2017




















There’s definitely gown drama if you need an aerial shot to capture the full splendor.
















Loving this bold draping.















Pippa goes for a classic lace with cap sleeves to show off her arms.



















I love the louche loose arms in this pairing of sexy top with serious but sparkly skirt.
















A simple but pretty dress that every girl would want to wear for summer.

















I love love love the juxtaposition of the tough moto jacket with the sweet tulle skirt.

Met Ball ’17: Pink Posing

1 05 2017















So much “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” here!  The buzz cut keeps it front being too sweet while the cape/train is all about drama.

















Lily looks like a punk ballerina.

















This look is pretty but boring.