This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Shimmer Shimmer

29 04 2018

















ScarJo’s back to being a brunette and is radiant in this silver gown with lace insets.
















This is J. Lo’s default look for a reason.
















Love the top and heels, hate the skirt.
















Michelle looks 10 years younger with that hair.  Loving the art deco gown too.








Where my ladies at?  They’re right here.  Sandy and Anne’s looks standout.


















“And how long do you want your hair to be?” “Longer than my dress.”


















I like the design of Amanda’s deceptively simple dress.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Red Hot

3 03 2018


















Love this deep red on Reese.

















This is a grown up Minnie Mouse homage and I love it.

















This is more of a suggestion of a dress than an actual one.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Lights On

25 02 2018
















This ruched nude has lots of wakanda power.

















I barely recognized Rosamund with her bangin’ new hair.  But it was the drama of the coat of many feathers and dress of many tiers that held my attention.



















Michelle rocks the timelessness of a ballgown paired with a simple white shirt.
















There’s a disco glam vibe to Jen’s whole look.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: The Black List

11 11 2017

















Love love love Regina’s fantastic look and especially that artsy skirt.

















Olivia goes for ladylike and sweet.
















Michelle’s jumpsuit is crazy fierce.

















Those heels are an unexpected choice for an animal print pairing.




















The dress is pretty but the heels are something else.
















JHud’s hair is fantastic and I love her flirty gown.


















Jane continues to slay all day.



















Kiss kiss from Gal’s mini.

















A little sheer, a little shredded.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Nothing Basic About Black

8 10 2017

















A super girly dress with oxfords?!?  Love it.

















So it’s navy, not black but still.  I don’t understand what’s happening between the odd little blonde wave and green shoes but I’m all about surprises.
















Something dressy for Halloween.














This top looks like it’s ready to take flight.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Fall into Blue

1 10 2017
















Shimmy, shimmy SJP.

















Yes, always.















I’m looking away from the white shoes too but I love the dress.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Springing into Black

7 05 2017

















Chloe’s dress seems to have an uneven distribution of fabric and looks to be held up by sheer willpower.

















This sweet capelet livens up Demi’s LBD.















This deconstructed dress is a different look for Emily but the thigh boots are a bit much.
















Felicity’s making sweet traditional gowns her specialty.















Damn Halle!  This sexy sheer jumpsuit reveals way more than it covers.
















J. Lo’s post-Met Ball look is straight up diva.

















Kerry’s look has a 70’s disco vibe.

















This dress is a cute optical illusion.




















Cute black take o summer but it’s Sofia’s beachy waves that I’m focused on.


















Zoe’s dress is a golden spider’s web.