This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Light Fall

1 10 2017
















It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Zoe – long hair, don’t care apparently. I do love that shimmery violet color.
















This is a bold, boss lady look – those boots are killer.
















Lately, Pene has been embracing gowns with a capital “G.”
















I love a classic look and this dress is just timeless.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Walk into the Light

11 09 2017
















I’m not sure what’s brighter – Reese’s dress or her smile.
















Exhibit A: Nicole committing a crime against fashion.
















I love a little Swiss dot action and this dress is super sweet.
















Maybe it’s the pose but this dress seems to be all about the bodice.

















Somewhere, there’s a fisherman without a net.
















This is a fun little dress.
















This gown wants to be on Dancing with the Stars.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part: Flower Power

10 09 2017
















Pene keeps summer going with this easy dress.
















Selena’s gone for major drama with this nude number.















Nicki goes classic glam in a look that suits her beautifully.
















I love a bell sleeve and these are ringing up a symphony.


















Katie’s working a halter with a great print.
















Michelle, putting the young ones to shame.















Someone got the dimensions on the fabric for this dress all wrong – so little top and so much on bottom.
















Loving the illusion top with floating florals.















I don’t know what I love more here – Emmy’s velvet dress or her soft makeup.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Colors

14 05 2017
















This soft green sheer gown has all the spring vibes.
















Way to be both covered up and revealing.

















A pretty color but Priyanka looks a little too old in this.















In this jumpsuit, Priyanka looks summer ready and red hot.















This dress has a beach cover up vibe although that bag seems a bit big for a red carpet.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Black & White & Wow

23 04 2017




















Three megastars in one spot – we haven’t seen Kate in ages and she looks great.  Pene is chic in sheer and Julia continues her menswear/shorts theme.  Fantastic hair from this trio.
















There’s more sheer here than actual coverage.  Jenna’s weaving a spider’s web of sexy.

















So many trends here – one shoulder, cropped, choker, ombre hair – it’s a little too much all together.  My favorite part are the yellow heels.

















This looks like a sweater just decided to collapse spontaneously.















This is a interesting pairing of high/low.
















Loving Claire’s hair and 40’s vibe.
















J.Hud’s deconstructed lace is giving me Madonna 80’s feels.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Not Feeling Neutral

19 03 2017
















Scarlett matches her hairstyle to her dress – in this case, simple and understated.

















Fantastic draping.
















Penelope’s channeling a flamenco vibe in this lovely lace dress accentuated by the red heels.
















This soft nude/blush velvet has a lovely design.


















This gown is all beauty, no beast.


Baftas ’17: Brit Glitter

12 02 2017
















Pene’s gone full disco ball with this drapey gown.


















Michelle brings such a modern vibe to the red carpet.



















There’s something Indian-inspired for me about this look and I’m not sari.