This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Fall into Blue

1 10 2017
















Shimmy, shimmy SJP.

















Yes, always.















I’m looking away from the white shoes too but I love the dress.



Celebrity Street Style: Cute as a Button

1 10 2017

















Sometimes, I wonder about Reese’s accessories closet – she must have matching shoes and bags in every conceivable color combo.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: The Classics

24 09 2017

















Reese’s dress is a wonderful gift to fashion.

















Sometimes, what’s missing is makes everything more interesting.
















Black and white is always right.

Emmys 17: The Jewel Box

17 09 2017



















This is Nicole at her best – a wonderful color, a simple but standout design.


















Usually, Reese goes for pretty and girly but this is a #boss look.



















Zoe’s dramatic ombre is a standout, even though I do think about all the Fraggles that gave their lives for it.


















And why don’t we see this color more because it’s a gorgeous warm orange.



















This metallic rainbow is fantastic.





















Jane always brings it and this hot pink means business.



















I’m a fan of Issa’s show and now I’m a fan of her red carpet glam too.


















Anna’s violet gown is lovely.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Walk into the Light

11 09 2017
















I’m not sure what’s brighter – Reese’s dress or her smile.
















Exhibit A: Nicole committing a crime against fashion.
















I love a little Swiss dot action and this dress is super sweet.
















Maybe it’s the pose but this dress seems to be all about the bodice.

















Somewhere, there’s a fisherman without a net.
















This is a fun little dress.
















This gown wants to be on Dancing with the Stars.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Dare to Be Red

3 09 2017
















I love this illusion dress with its playful skirt.















Mom is rocking a bold red while Ava is in animal print lite.


















I’m feeling the drama of this look but it’s a little old for Julianne.















There’s nothing simple about this look when those dramatic heels make an appearance.

Reese Street Style: In the Navy

20 08 2017



















Reese has cornered the market on navy and I like the psychedelic florals.