This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Rainbow

19 05 2018

Thandie goes for a Star Wars gown, doubling down on the star wattage.





















Blue lace gives this gown an understated elegance.

















You have to respect the OG red carpet queen who gives the youngsters a run for their money.
















Loving the fresh vibe of this dress and fun pumps.








































Emilia’s regal in purple.





















I love the bejeweled shoulders and deep color of this epic (and probably super comfortable) gown.
















Words to describe this gown: epic, gorgeous, color bright.




















This dress is so happy that it practically does cartwheels.











Diane is going for a soft blue with major drama.

















A spring look for the tough girl.


















I’m not loving Emilia’s peroxide blonde but her purple dress is fun.

















Katie looks like she’s having a Mad Men Betty Draper moment.


















I can’t get enough of Sandy’s whole look.

















Red lace is never a wrong move.


















Like a fine bordeaux in bordeaux, J. Lo ages in reverse.

















Rooooaaarrrr.  Anne’s making a comeback.




This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Bright Spring

22 04 2018



















I’m loving Thandie’s bold op art jumpsuit.


















Is it a dress?  I’m not sure but I do like the general 70’s vibe here, including the soft bangs.

















Simple but very purple.


















With that mega bow and those shoulders, Naomie’s serving up a strong 80’s feeling here.


















I do love an unexpected green floral.
















Spring tweed is a fun twist.









Giving a new spin to hellbent for leather.

Oscars ’18: Pink & Red Carpet

4 03 2018

















Feeling Viola’s pink perfection.
















This dress washes out Saoirse and feels too mature.















Not sure what’s happening here but there’s too much of it.


















I’m all for menswear but this feels more like “rushed out of a meeting to the red carpet.”

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Full Length Drama

3 03 2018
















Tessa’s dress looks like a lot of shimmying fun.

















Salma’s got a tough/chic balance going on.
















Don’t be scared Rooney, your lace/pants combo looks fantastic.

















Kerry brings an impressionistic springtime vibe.
















Wrap it up, Gugu.



















Elizabeth’s gown has a pixel-y look.

















Show off those pleats, Allison.

Baftas ’18: Dark Drama

18 02 2018

















When it doubt, put a flower on it.

















Lupita goes for shapes and structure.

















If you played Cinderella, you can wear a princess dress, in every color.














Jennifer’s gown reminds me of John Singer Sargent portraits.
















Loving the silver detail on Gugu’s gown.

















Gemma’s frilly edges add some flair to her gown.


















Angie is made for a velvet red carpet moment.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: B&W Brights

18 02 2018



















Tilda always surprises in the most organic way.
















Float like a butterfly, shine like the sun.  Tessa’s dreamy gown is fresh and edgy.

















I don’t like Salma blonde.  That is all.

















It’s all about he bangs and the heels.
















A classy way to do biker chic.

















The kind of gown that always looks right.


















A column of sparkle.




















What a lovely flower in the spring garden.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Royal Red & Pretty Pink

7 01 2018

















There’s something so sweet yet sassy about this dress.
















This would be a great summer dress.















Nicole alternates between bold looks and sweet dresses like these.
















Loving the negligee edginess of this look.