This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Royal Red & Pretty Pink

7 01 2018

















There’s something so sweet yet sassy about this dress.
















This would be a great summer dress.















Nicole alternates between bold looks and sweet dresses like these.
















Loving the negligee edginess of this look.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Light up the Dark

19 11 2017















Not sure that this is the most flattering style but I do like the shoulder drama.
















Red carpet lingerie.

















A little unexpected avante garde artistry.
















I’m liking the edginess paired with dainty dresses that Dior’s doing.
















When you’re not sure the chair’s going to be comfortable enough and you carry your own pillow.















I love a full long top paired with leggings.
















Shirred and sheer and glam.


















Great nude/black mix with lots of sequins.



















Sometimes you’re just not sure if you want to commit to sleeves.



















A lot of fabric yet still a lot of skin.



















Lacy baby bump coverage.



















When you finally find a second use for that beach coverup.



















Damn, Dame!  Killing it in sexy leather.


















It’s like this dress started out as one idea and ended up another.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Print Fair

19 11 2017





















Spring feels just as fall is slipping into winter.















I guess it’s never winter in L.A.

















Liking this simple but original design.  Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.




















Such a ladylike look.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Royal Jewels

11 11 2017

















Twinkle, twinkle, someone’s ultra bright tonight.














Since my Crayola days, I’ve loved a good periwinkle.















I wouldn’t have thought a bright kelly green would look this good.

















This velvet forest green is unexpected and unusual.

















Sometimes, one sleeve is enough especially in this rich color.

















What a cheery gown.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Rockin’ Red

15 10 2017

















OK, this is orange but it’s close on the spectrum.  I’d chop 2 feet off this look.















Sometimes, you wear your heart on your sleeve and sometimes, it’s just on your chest.















Jennifer will save Puerto Rico and this gown will save the red carpet.


















Diane looks tres elegant in this classic red with classic draping.















I appreciate delicate details like a little ruffle and bow belt.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: The Classics

24 09 2017

















Reese’s dress is a wonderful gift to fashion.

















Sometimes, what’s missing is makes everything more interesting.
















Black and white is always right.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part : Classic Remix

20 08 2017
















Reese looks flawless in this one shoulder metallic fun dress.


















The floral maxi every girl wants to wear until Labor Day.


















Those sleeves must be making up for the short shorts.



















Mandy rocks at unusual design in a great color.