This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: White Swans

11 02 2018















Saoirse keeps it interesting on the red carpet.


















Loving the drama of this flowy jumpsuit.
















Someone looks very Chanel chic.
















This floral makes me believe spring is coming.

















I am all about this deconstructed blazer.

















Mrs. Grey in white.
















I love that Mom brings the kids with her to celebrate.


This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: Une Grande Aventure

3 02 2018



The whole crew came to Paris with mom.  Amazing to see how they’re all growing up from little chickadees to pre-teens and beyond.  Bonus points to Pax for that strut.

This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: Proud Mama

17 12 2017



Mom got an award and the kids were super proud.

























Yes, there is a job that involves holding Angelina’s train.  Love the contrast between the Audrey Hepburn gown and badass tats.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Lighten Up

22 10 2017


















This is classic Nicole perfection.
















I like this nude/silver combo.














Loving this princess-y look with some edge.














Mom brought out Z & Shi for some red carpet coordination.

This Week in Jolie Adventures: The Whole Fam

3 09 2017













Look at everyone all grown up!  Don’t worry, there aren’t 2 new kids you don’t know about, they’re in her new movie.

This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: Fam in Cam(bodia)

19 02 2017




It’s been so long since we’ve seen the fam and they’re grown up so much, especially the twins.



Ang looks amazing but it’s important to note that she’s not taking all the other kids home.

This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: The Fam

24 01 2016




Mom took 5 out of 6 kids to the Kung Fu Panda premiere and I 100% believe that the color coordination is intentional.  Shi’s matching in all gray, Viv in white is a counterpart to her brother in black while Z and Pax mix up gray and black.  Even the crutches match!