Met Ball ’18: The Black Brigade

8 05 2018


















A safe first Met Ball choice, with just the right amount of glam.

















A little holy, a little royal.


















Pray for those to ribbon ties to hold.



















Ladies and gentlemen, the full Solange.


















Rita is full on regal drama.
















I like an artistic choice.


















That slit is keeping it together by prayer alone.



This Year in Celebrity Fashion, Part V: The Originals

31 12 2017













So chic and modern.
















Tough & tender.









A trench for the ages.









Always bringing a new perspective.

















Go get’m tiger.
















Show & tell.
















A T-shirt with a sheer gown is radical innovation.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Wild White

21 05 2017




















There’s definitely gown drama if you need an aerial shot to capture the full splendor.
















Loving this bold draping.















Pippa goes for a classic lace with cap sleeves to show off her arms.



















I love the louche loose arms in this pairing of sexy top with serious but sparkly skirt.
















A simple but pretty dress that every girl would want to wear for summer.

















I love love love the juxtaposition of the tough moto jacket with the sweet tulle skirt.

Met Ball ’17: Tuxedo Dressing

1 05 2017






Solange doesn’t need the Met Ball to get freaky, this is how she rolls on a Tuesday.  This puffer coat/gown is epic enough but the skater heels send it right over the edge.

















Naomi goes for chic and classic.






















I’m loving this “sometimes it’s a sleeve/sometimes it’s a glove” dress.

















Tie a ribbon around it, Lily!

















Kim decided to make a statement by not making a statement – the simplest dress, no jewelry.  We get it Kim, you’re not into material things, you just happen to be on the Met Ball red carpet.
















This patchwork situation isn’t working for me, it’s too distracting.


















This feels too safe even with the platinum.

















And why shouldn’t you wear shorts on the red carpet?  Hailee goes for a oddly militaristic coat paired with a beach outfit.


















I love a big bow and this is one giant bow.  Paired with slim pants, this is a chic and modern look.

















Try to focus on Dakota’s girly gown and floral shoulders even though Kendall’s ass in your face.


















Daisy’s wearing daisies?  The train makes this gown even more dramatic.


















I love a crazy white shirt and this over the top one is insane.



















You can always count on a Kardashian-Jenner to keep things indecent.  Kendall takes it (almost) all off in this gown that’s nearly 100% dependent on tape and prayers.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: World of White

5 03 2017















Hi-ho, hi-low!
















Solange is bringing major summer vibes.


















Loving these fun sleeves.
















Prim and proper.



















Weird fabric the bodice and I don’t love Jessica in white.

"Beauty and the Beast" China Premiere


















What an amazing gown and I love it as a wedding dress.


Grammys ’17: Colorful

12 02 2017

The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

















I like that when Solange got ready and slipped into that shark’s fin sleeve, she thought “I could really use some next level hair to go with this.”

59th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

















I always want to see green on the red carpet and Adele makes the case for it although I’m not 100% on the design.

















Everything’s in two’s for Queen Bey.  This glitterati grown looks fantastic although the top seems to be trying to escape in opposite directions.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Silverado

13 11 2016
















I like the sheen of this suit and the unexpected width of the pants.
















Same idea but with a pajama/tuxedo flair.















A little upholstery-ish but saved by the silver design and cute heels.
















Hailee’s bringing lots of drama and all kinds of sheer to this gown.