This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Black is Back

14 05 2017















Kate’s easing into summer with sheer + tights.

















Loving this very 70’s Vegas look.















A little silver magic.














Curvy doesn’t mean staying away from sheer sexiness.


















How can you not love this crazy coat?


Eh at the Emmys

3 09 2010

The Emmy are the Oscars of TV but it’s still TV.  Lower wattage, lower hotness and sadly, lower glam.  It’s not that our ladies didn’t try hard to make it out of the minors, it’s that few of their choices were hits. 

The Tragic

I just don’t understand any aspect of this dress above the waist.  Below the waist, we’re fine but above is an unholy combination of batwings and towels that come together in a remarkably unflattering way. 

If Lauren’s dress was having Norther hemisphere issues, Anna’s dress has problems in the tropics.  I actually kind of dig the whole Joan of Arc/quarterback creation on top but the mess below the waist makes the whole thing looks cheap and thoughtless.  If only we could combine Anna’s Full Metal Jacket with Lauren’s skirt, we’d have a winner.

There was a lot of noise about January’s dress being the worst of the evening.  While it’s not the fashion humiliation that the media made it out to be, this Versace is a bit much for a mainstream awards show like the Emmys.  January doesn’t play it safe, which I appreciate even when it fails, but daring has its place.  At Cannes, this might have been a raging success but in LA, it’s a spilled blue Slurpee.

While not awful, the hieroglyphics on this gown didn’t make me want to go Egyptian nor did they turn Tina into Cleopatra. 

This dress was such a snoozer for me.  The berry color looked good on her skin but if there ever was a dress calling out for a bejeweled belt and statement necklace….

The Average

With cleavage that barely made it past the censors, Christina looks like she was poured into her gown.  I like the feathers and the cut but would have liked to see her in a more vibrant color.

While I love the hot pink color of this halter dress, Keri’s, um, chestal situation doesn’t quite work with the top which is best suited to more Marilyn proportions.  The length is also too casual for a red carpet event.

Julia’s been wearing a variation of this silhoutte for years so there’s nothing new to see.  It’s great to embrace what works for you but this is like buying the same dress is every color and then posing as if it’s brand new.  The saving grace is the jewelry which keeps this from being completely stale.

There’s nothing particular wrong about this Dior but I don’t think it’s particularly suited to Emily.  Maybe it’s the way her pale skin blends in with the pale lavender but it’s a pretty dress on the wrong girl.  Somehow I think Halle would have done justice to it.

Maybe it’s a sign that Eva’s done too many red carpets but I feel like I’ve seen this dress on her already.  I love the idea of the rosettes but the train is overwhelming for someone this tiny while the bodice is too plain. 

The Best of the Rest

Proof the fashion and taste are in the genes?  Susan looks fantastic in a glimmering black gown that highlights without overexposing her amazing physique while Eva looks fresh and young.

Other than some bad posture (I thought all the stars took pilates?), Julianna’s choice of black still keeps things interesting with silver metallic and a great column fit.

I loved the glow of this whole look.  Perfect hair, clean and dewy makeup, a gown that shimmers like starlight and no accessories. 

My pick for best dressed was Sofia who went with a pastel yellow that looked amazing with her hair and skin.  The dress highlighted her curves discreetly and the metallic details were just the right touch of extra.