Best of 2018: The Boldest

30 12 2018


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: B&W

29 09 2018



















Taraji rocks a chic ultra modern look.

















Marion returns to the red carpet in a slim sequined sheath.




















Polka dot cuteness.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Bold Colors

29 09 2018



















I’m all about Taraji’s hot pink neon sleekness.



















I love purple but what really gets me about this outfit – the velvet platform heels.


















A rich bordeaux.



















A delicate blush.

Emmys ’18: High Low

17 09 2018


















Of course Taraji should have a train, she’s posing like a queen.


















For those times you just can’t decide, Keri decides to both conceal and reveal at the same time.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: White Lightning

29 07 2018

















All about Taraji’s head to toe Gucci glam.  And those heels are extra killer.





















Another one of Nicole’s prairie looks, edged up with a leather belt.















Mandy’s tiered wedding cake of a dress feels perfect for the dog days of summer.

















Kelly and I both seem to be believe that there is no such thing as too much floral.

















Hailee’s loose painter’s shirt is cute.

Oscars ’18: Legs for Days

5 03 2018



















Zoe’s conflicted between hiding behind the pouf and exposing miles of leg.


















Taraji showcases just about everything.

















Jenna goes sky high in a lovely burgundy.

















Wonder woman indeed.
















Ciara both covers up and exposes.

















Paris is definitely not feeling shy.

















While I’m not feeling Halle’s hair, I’m impressed that she’s basically wearing a bikini bottom and sheer top to an Oscars party.  Because she’s Berry, that’s why.
















I generally don’t include Kar-Jenners but I really liked these shoulders.
















Green goddess.
















Hailee’s train is pretty epic.


















Very red-dy.

The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: All That Shimmers

11 02 2018
















Classic but with a little edge.
















I want to take Taraji’s posing seminar.















There’s something a little Jane Austen about this look.

















Loving the drama of this gown.


















Lots of wow going on here.
















A dress or a painting?