This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Summer Lights

24 06 2018

















Tessa continues to bring a strong Lisa Bonet circa 1990 vibe to her appearances and I love it.

















Just the thing for when it’s business + pleasure.



















Instead of taking that sweater off and putting it back on every time you get chilled by the AC, Naomie has the ingenious move of standalone sleeves.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: All the Range

17 06 2018



















Zendaya continues to push the envelope in terms of fashion inspo.



Naomi is wearing the perfect summer maxi.























Tessa constantly delivers fresh looks on the red carpet.



















Rita’s neon look is fierce and fun.















Priyanka’s pairing of neutral with hot pink is perfect for summer.


















A pineapple bag!  As if Lupita’s look was cute enough on its sunshine-y own.
















Florals on florals.
















Perfect summer chic.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Black Dress, Red Carpet

13 05 2018
















Thandie’s gown reminds us of a galaxy far, far away.



















Gray sheer is a fresh take on look we’ve seen a lot of and the maroon platforms are a nice touch too.

















Sheer shoulders and sleeves all day long.

















Penelope packs so much drama into this gown.


















It’s a black dress but with an edge…and an epic necklace.




















All covered up…something we don’t see every day.















Kerry’s giving me ballerina vibes in this pose.




















Cate always delivers glam.





















Amber brings a touch of the 60’s to the red carpet along with adorable booties.




This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Short Story

3 03 2018
















Tessa’s turning into a real red carpet star with fresh looks like this gorgeous blouse.

















While I’m feeling the drama of this look, I don’t love the fabric.















Those sleeves!  That earring!


















Woman on fire.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Full Length Drama

3 03 2018
















Tessa’s dress looks like a lot of shimmying fun.

















Salma’s got a tough/chic balance going on.
















Don’t be scared Rooney, your lace/pants combo looks fantastic.

















Kerry brings an impressionistic springtime vibe.
















Wrap it up, Gugu.



















Elizabeth’s gown has a pixel-y look.

















Show off those pleats, Allison.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: B&W Brights

18 02 2018



















Tilda always surprises in the most organic way.
















Float like a butterfly, shine like the sun.  Tessa’s dreamy gown is fresh and edgy.

















I don’t like Salma blonde.  That is all.

















It’s all about he bangs and the heels.
















A classy way to do biker chic.

















The kind of gown that always looks right.


















A column of sparkle.




















What a lovely flower in the spring garden.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Winter Darkness

3 02 2018















Loving this lace overlay on Tessa.  So chic.















All about the drama going on in the back of this gown.

















This dress practically begs for a shimmy.

















I can’t see anything except for that bunny bag.

















I wish J. Lo taught a posing class because she always nails it.  The mini’s pretty cute too.




















Love the little lace details at the wrist.
















Everything is perfect here.  That is all.