This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Yell-ohh!

15 10 2017















Cate is all wrapped up in technicolor.
















This sunburst yellow just makes me smile.
















Love this old Hollywood vibe on Tessa.


Emmys 17: The Jewel Box

17 09 2017



















This is Nicole at her best – a wonderful color, a simple but standout design.


















Usually, Reese goes for pretty and girly but this is a #boss look.



















Zoe’s dramatic ombre is a standout, even though I do think about all the Fraggles that gave their lives for it.


















And why don’t we see this color more because it’s a gorgeous warm orange.



















This metallic rainbow is fantastic.





















Jane always brings it and this hot pink means business.



















I’m a fan of Issa’s show and now I’m a fan of her red carpet glam too.


















Anna’s violet gown is lovely.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Mix & Match

17 09 2017














Tessa’s gunmetal gown is both tough and tender.

















I love everything about this embroidered magical dress.
















Sometimes, it’s just about a great color with a fun design.















Something about this design feels too overbearing for Rachel.
















Rachel is minty perfection in this lingerie-inspired confection.
















Jessica’s a fireball.


















Someone’s feeling like Cinderella.

















It’s a no on the turban/headband but the rest of the outfit is cute.
















Demi’s got a fun little fall dress.



















Concept: Grace Jones


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Spring into Color

20 03 2016

"The Hollywood Reporter And Jimmy Choo's Power Stylists Dinner"














What caught my eye here (other than the eyes on her dress) was how different this is from what we usually see.  The earrings, the heels, the design elements – I love a girl who takes risks.

naomi 2














Simple florals in a sleek dress, perfect for the season.















Giant hoops and a rainbow jumpsuit-super retro rewind.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Classic Black

29 11 2015















I think Tessa’s mini wants to fly.  I like the geometric pattern but the sheer sleeves are a little much.


















Olivia’s jumpsuit is pretty dramatic.
















Looks like Gwen is in the “look what you’re missing” phase of her divorce process.

















Ciara’s got a naughty Great Gatsby vibe going in another one of her sheer dresses.


















Paula goes for playful menswear with a sheer lace shirt and a little bow.


The British Fashion Awards 2015














Kate’s also in her “divorce ain’t no thang” phase, with this asymmetrical gown that gives you something to miss on the way out.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part IV: Lighten Up

19 04 2015














ScarJo goes for full on pastel – from the very Pepto jumpsuit to the accessories – it’s very Miami Vice.

















That is a lot of sparkle for Carey and it’s nearly blinding.  I think I prefer her more understated looks.














Kate’s rocking a Rooney-type look with this caped shoulder crop outfit.  Cute and summery.












I’m loving Tessa’s ombre feathers and natural curls.
















Allison is seriously glowing in this dramatic gown.
















Olivia’s stepped into a time machine for her flapper dress that looks like it’s moving even when she’s standing still.


















January combos a midi skirt with a summery moto jacket and interesting heels.  And yes, the hair is pink.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Stylish Night

21 12 2014











Kerri’s look is very cute – loving the little braids and the sparkly dress.













Elisabeth is giving us the glam, with sexy curls and a peekaboo mini.














Anna’s dress is on point.  I would have liked it just for the sexy heels but the open bodice is just right too.

tessa thompson (2)












Tessa’s new to me but I’ll remember her, for all the wrong reasons.  There’s so much wrong with this look that I’m overwhelmed.