This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Mix & Match

28 10 2018


















Viola’s look is fantastic – from the playful curls to the white column.





















Rosie’s all about those fringe benefits.



















Sometimes, just a sweet little dress is enough.























This is an avant-garde and fairly covered look for J. Lo.


This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Turn on Your Brights

14 10 2018


















I am in love with this Valentine red dress.





















This pattern makes me smile.


















What a lovely print.

















How do you spell her name?  D-I-V-A.


















When the back has all the drama.



















This color, this design, this queen.


















Golden girl.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II: Black, White, Red Carpet

16 09 2018


















Viola’s fierce looks is all about that necklace.

















This feathery confection looks like a 20’s flapper dress.


















This glamorous navy gown brings the full-skirted drama but it’s Keira’s eye makeup that wows me the most.

















RiRi wraps herself up as a gift to fashion.


















Classic Pene lace.


















There’s a lot happening on Kate’s gown and it’s hard to figure out the motif…

















While this mini is a fantastic surprise.

















Hilary’s lace has a lovely ladylike vibe.



















Emily’s hat covers more than her top but I love the avant garde idea.

















Apparently red carpets attract butterflies.

Oscars ’18: Pink & Red Carpet

4 03 2018

















Feeling Viola’s pink perfection.
















This dress washes out Saoirse and feels too mature.















Not sure what’s happening here but there’s too much of it.


















I’m all for menswear but this feels more like “rushed out of a meeting to the red carpet.”

This Year in Celebrity Fashion, Part V: The Originals

31 12 2017













So chic and modern.
















Tough & tender.









A trench for the ages.









Always bringing a new perspective.

















Go get’m tiger.
















Show & tell.
















A T-shirt with a sheer gown is radical innovation.

Emmys 17: The Jewel Box

17 09 2017



















This is Nicole at her best – a wonderful color, a simple but standout design.


















Usually, Reese goes for pretty and girly but this is a #boss look.



















Zoe’s dramatic ombre is a standout, even though I do think about all the Fraggles that gave their lives for it.


















And why don’t we see this color more because it’s a gorgeous warm orange.



















This metallic rainbow is fantastic.





















Jane always brings it and this hot pink means business.



















I’m a fan of Issa’s show and now I’m a fan of her red carpet glam too.


















Anna’s violet gown is lovely.

This Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I: Dark Matter

17 09 2017















This outfit is the perfect combination of fancy and chill.  I adore the sequined skirt and ruffled sleeves.
















Simple but always chic.
















Kirsten’s giving some serious eye drama to match her spider’s web of a gown.















Polka dots hit the spot.  Kerry’s look is fresh and fun.

















This dress, every day.
















Jen looks super sexy in this corset-y dress.





















Halle’s jumpsuit is flawless, just like her.

















I like a one sleeve top and the shimmery fabric.



















Emma looks like Jean Harlow and JLaw looks like a golden girl.


















Catherine & Carys look stylishly twinsie.


















I like when Chanel loosens up a bit.